Residential Solar Plant


With the increasing rate in pollution and high diminishing rate of electricity resources, people are running towards an alternate source of energy. Electricity is now one of the most important parts of our life and it is impossible to imagine our day-to-day working without electricity. From morning to dawn electricity undoubtedly is a vital part of our life.

We at jetsor power system understand the importance of electricity and at the same time care about our coming generation thus we have come up with a wide range of solar power system that is suitable for residential purpose. Investing in this incredible source of energy is paid off within 3-4 years of investment.

Despite being an eco-friendly source of energy solar power system smartly cuts out your electricity bills. Yes. If you want to experience minimum electricity bills at the same usage then Get your house upgraded with solar panels today and do your bit for our mother nature.

Benefits of the solar system for Residential purpose:

  • The perfect utilization of unused terrace area.
  • Decreases your energy expenses at a phenomenal rate
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Easy upgradation
  • Perfect for residential use

Why choose us?

  • Solutions customized as per your requirement that ranges from few kW to multiple MW’s.
  • 25 years’ of service life
  • Lifecycle Asset Management
  • We assure you about 3-4 years of payback of your investment

Jetsor Power system is one of the most trusted solar panel installation partners for residential and industrial purpose and is capable of serving at every level in a cost-effective manner. We have successfully installed solar system across Delhi NCR ranging from 1KW to 10 KW for residential purpose

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